Burst pipe repairs from simple 15mm copper pipe repairs through to 200 galvanised main line repairs.Coprax, Atlas ,Geberit HDPE and PPR fusion weld  pipe repairs. On pipe galvanised  grooved repairs.

Unblocking of sewerlines and wastepipe lines with the use of American trusted Ridgid Drain Machines. Unblocking of wall mounted European urinals, cleaning of grease traps.

Full colour drain  camera inspections up to 100 meters, combined with  the use of underground pipe and sewer locating equipment to determine condition of drain lines and problematic areas causing contineous blockages.

Geysers (water heaters) installed as per geyser manufacturer instructions which meet the SANS  10254 regulations.

Installation of check meters after main council meters, sub-meters installed inside shops, offices , industrial parks, with water meters sizes from 15mm through to 150mm. Installed as per spec from water meter manufacturers.

Investigate high water consumption caused by hidden leaking underground water pipes, with the use of German leak detection  equipment. Cutting in of large pipe size  valves to assist with leak investigation on larger  properties.

Initial prelimary investigations carrried out if neccessary, prior to use of leak detection equipment in order to eliminate possible water loss due to faulty geyser  valves, running taps ,toilets  etc.

The South African market, in the past two decades, has been flooded with imported flushvalves from Europe to The Far East. We have a vast amount of knowledge in servicing these valves as well as the local market.

Replacement of main valves on all types of piping up to 200mm in diameter. A large amount of experience has been gathered over the years in the replacement of  large valves. we know the impotance of purging the lines of air, and all the necassary precautions to be taken on the opening of the newly installed valves.

In the case of leaking or burst  underground or pipes installed in walls,it is sometimes a better option to reroute water pipelines instead of chopping out tiles that cannot be replaced ,concrete flooring that is expensive to resurface, etc.   Undergound galvanised pipelines may also be severly corroded, and have had a couple of repairs on it, it is wiser to replace these lines in the longer term, which in many cases is easier and more economical to reroute the pipeline.