We are a dynamic company dedicated to the maintenance service of Industrial Parks, Office Parks and Shopping Centres

Established 2004

Property Plumbing Services has been in the business for over 15 years.The company is owned and run passionately by Gary Howells,who has over 30 years of plumbing experience.

Gary started his apprenticeship in 1988, with a highly reputable and well-respected company in the plumbing industry.From there,he soon qualified under the strict guide lines of  elderly journeymen ( Alph/ Billy).

With 16 years of experience under his belt in respected companies, Gary moved on to open his business,Property Plumbing Services in 2004, starting with one team.Today he has several hardworking and dedicated teams on the road. Many of his staff members have been with him from the beginning.

Over the years, the company has become extremely specialised, working with some of Johannesburg's biggest retail shopping centres and corporate buildings, with an excellent reputation for professional and reliable work, tackling some of the most complex of plumbing challenges. 

Professional and quality workmanship

Been in the plumbing industry for thirty years, we have seen  the skills, that have been past down the line from generation to generation  corrode away like the electrolysis between copper and galvanised piping, if not installed in the correct way.

We at Property Plumbing Services strive to ensure that our service and workmanship do not corrode away like that fatal peice of galvanised pipe installed downstream of the copper pipeline.